About SKOT

The National Union of Telephone Operators was founded on December 26, 2019 by a dedicated group of employees of the call center sector in Tirana. SKOT is a national sectoral trade union organization that represents the interests of call center employees throughout the Republic of Albania, created according to Albanian legislation and in accordance with conventions and international labor organizations that Albania has ratified and has been a part of for years. The union has already extended its structures to several call centers in Albania, where it aims to adequately represent the employees and to guarantee the fulfillment of the purpose for which it was created. Sitting in talks with the Labor Inspectorate, the Employer or Employers’ Associations, the National Council, the Assembly of Albania, Labor Offices, etc. The union works with all legal and democratic instruments to ensure:

  • Better working conditions
  • Most satisfactory salary
  • More dignity
Benefits and aspirations
  • The union offers the possibility of your legal advice regarding labor legislation helping you to understand what your rights are.
  • The union offers the possibility of representing you in relation to the employer for all your rights based on the Labor Code, the Individual Labor Contract and the Collective Labor Contract where it exists.
  • The union guarantees compliance with all parameters of Safety at Work and working conditions based on Albanian legislation.
  • The trade union ensures the legal protection of its members when they have left the workplace without right or when a legitimate right has not been fulfilled.
  • We aim to cooperate closely with all actors through the growing membership for
  • Collective Agreement
  • Telephone Operator Status
  • Recognition of occupational diseases

Together we design the future!

Why choose SKOT?
  • Professional and dynamic staff

  • Membership in Scot is voluntary and benefits or obligations apply only for the duration of membership.

  • Legal assistance, dignified representation and cooperation.

  • Union training and career opportunities for each member.

  • Important cases won in favor of employees in several call centers

Some of the issues resolved by SKOT

The National Union of Telephone Operators (SKOT) reached, from the beginning of its organization, a 2-party collective agreement between the Bconnect Company and its Employees as it pays for the repayment of the company's arrears to the employees in the amount of approximately 150,000 euros. This agreement also provided for the regulation of payment according to the Albanian Legislation for official Albanian holidays. SKOT has managed to guarantee the payment of Albanian Official Holidays according to Albanian Law for the company Transcom SHPK in Durrës. SKOT represents the interests of the employees in the process of layoffs/bankruptcy and payment of work from home in Albacall Company Sh.A. Cooperation with other organizations that focus on strengthening trade unions and workers' rights is our priority. Currently Skot is in close partnership with the Center for Rights at Work in Albania. We are also in close partnership with the Olof Palme International Center.